Taking Your Business Online: 3 Easy Tips

How important is it for your business inventory to move online? 


I guess very important. Some while back  I overheard two ladies sharing how business thrives once you go online. One said, "If you do not have your business online then it is useless." 

She then continued to explain that having the tradition physical shop only is not effective. (This I agreed, almost nodding my head to agree but careful not to look like I was eavesdropping) 

Think about it. 

How many of your customers can reach you online as compared to those who visit your physical shop daily? 

What if I told you that it is possible to double your monthly sales by simply moving your business online? Statistics reveal that by the year 2040, 95% of purchases will be through eCommerce. (Nasdaq

Don't you want to join that bandwagon before it's full? 

Yes? How do you do this?

Decide Which Parts of Your Business You're Moving 

Let's say you own a cosmetics that has a wide range of products from hairpieces, make up, oils and lotions to designer perfumes and simple items such as combs and pocket mirrors. 

Think of the products that clients are most likely to buy online and will not buy on the streets on their way home. What part of your physical shop are people willing to pay for without hesitation? 

Simply put, moving your human hair line category is a safer bet than moving your styling combs category. Before making a decision, perform a thorough market research to determine this. It saves on time and money.

Register Your Domain Name + Host Your Website 

Since you already have a business name, this step will be easy. What online name would you want your business to go by? Please note that this name should match your physical shop name. 

Let us assume that your traditional store name is 'Sheezoh Cosmetics & Beauty Bar'. You could settle for a domain name like 'Sheezoh Beauty' It is short and also explains what the website is all about: beauty products. 

Additionally, choose a short domain name. If you were to choose SheezohCosmetics&BeautyBar.com, it is tiring to the ears. This digital age does not have the time to type out that whole address. 

Create Your Website 

This may feel like rocket science but hire someone to design the website for you or if you are daring or experiences create one for yourself. Go through some of your favorite websites and take note of how they are designed. This will give you an idea of how you want yours designed. 

Alternatively you could pick common templates. In the case of the beauty shop, a common e-commerce website template will be the option to pick. 

Moving online is not a hard task, all you need is consistency and/or a professional to guide you on your way there.

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