She Should be 8
Juzi tu she was in my tummy and now i cannot wait for her to start school. You know she meant business from the day she was implanted in my womb. She had me confused from day one. There I was feeling unwell and my joints feeling wobbly and painful. Not forgetting the yellow-colored vomit and my self-diagnosis – Malaria. I even had bouts of fever (SMH). I go to the hospital (almost called for an ambulance) and the doctor comes in smiling “You are pregnant” (Why do they smile when they break such news?) I go home feeling so confused and my joints have already stopped aching. The vomiting does not stop. I eat and throw up even after drinking water. I could eat pizza and not throw up but the moment the smell of ugali or chapati comes wafting through, I become the Barf queen. The only thing that could sit in my stomach was Fanta Orange, watermelon and oranges. When she was born she cried so loudly and for a very looooonnng time. She woke up the rest of the kids in the nursery. If you need to understand the looooonnng above, the following happened: My placenta was removed, my uterus cleansed, the nurse filled something in her book, I took a long warm shower, i dried up, walked slowly to my bed, and she was clothed and wrapped and then brought to me. Mpaka she turned pink from the crying. Up to date everyone in the family is afraid of her when in an event. When she cries you would think she is being kidnapped or in excruciating pain. But I love that voice, when she is playing outside I am always sure she is close by. She turns three this August but she can hold a conversation like a grown up if she likes you. If she doesn’t like you, she just nods to the no and shakes her head to the yes. To put you off she e will answer every question with ‘ati’ Some random guy: Sasa toto, unaitwa? Her: ati? Random guy: unaitwa nani? Her: mimi? Guy: eh wewe. Her: ati? Guy: ama wewe ni toto? Her: Mami naumwa na tumbo Me:
At her age her conversation starters are weird “Unakumbuka ile siku tulikunywa juice kubwa na keki?… “Ona vile yule anajifanya slay queen… “Unajua Shiko anakujanga kwetu? “Eish! wewe ni smart” “Jana nilichapwa! wee! heee! “Guess hii ni nini iko kwa mkono?” For instance today a certain woman asks her why she was crying and she answers, “Juu sina adabu.” “Ati huna adabu?”, the lady asks again looking confused. “Eh, nilikuwa narokota takataka nikieka kwa uso so nikachapwa na babangu.” And the conversation ends because she is off to play kalongo before the day ends. Sharing has never been her thing. Even her older sister does not receive the sharing-is-caring benefit. I once took a bite of her mandazi and she cried out, “Mami tema yote” I pretend to spit it out while swallowing very fast and she says “Toa ulimi nione kama umetema.” Performing a complete ass-whopping session is impossible with this one. She will ask “Kwa nini unanichapa?” She will cover her cheeks and say “Nataka mwiko ile si ya uchungu.” as if my agenda is not to inflict pain.

But I love her; she keeps our home filled with energy and activity. When they are away at their grandma the house usually feels like a cemetery. It is my prayer that she grows up to be whatever she wants and I am confident no one will take advantage of her because she knows how to opinions loud and clear.

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