Of Women Who Rush

After what the company deemed a successful project, we were given lunch as a token of appreciation for the hard work we put in towards the project, kumbe that lunch was loosely done and my bowel movements went lose. So I spent the whole of Saturday puking and endesha-ing my intestines out then in the middle of all this my first born falls ill. rushing to the hospital at 2:00am, feeling like a superwoman and handling your kids sickness very well yet uko ndani you are dying to rest your tired bum. Fast forward to next day where you have to wash the vomit soaked bedding za mtoi and make sure the kid is as comfortable as is supposed to be. You give her an extra day off school and at the end of the day you are sure she is okay then when she goes back and you are at work she relapses. As a mother this scenario is confusing, do you leave work in a hurry to attend to your child? Do you ask the housie to leave the younger one unattended to and take the older one to the hospital? Me hubs is out of town for work and I do not trust the rest of the world with my kids. So if by any chance you saw a woman rushing all over town and clicking when people were busy shopping for fake polka-dotted shoes and fake air max shoes instead of walking, rushing around in heels or talking to herself, her children might be in trouble and her boss is an ass. So she has to run and ensure she sleeps early to be at work early enough. *this post was written in a hurry as my thoughts flowed before picking a nduthi to go attend to my sick child.

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