PS: I am not bitter nor cocky
When I was unemployed: few people checked up on me and most people ignored me. Some who checked on me did so to confirm that I was still doing pathetic. I have cooked chapos by the roadside, cooked mandazi and hawked uji. All these made people look at me with pity and disgust. But I was proud of myself. (Of course, there were days I felt bad) The surprising thing is that I gave the above my all. I worked hard because I knew God had so much in plan for me. Those who looked at me with disgust and delight that I had failed were my customers too. Not once did I give up and I thank God my mum encouraged me to walk with my head held high and mind my business. Even now after getting a job, people still ask my mum questions. “Naskia Muthoni anauzianga watu uji siku izi?” Is it your porridge? Is the porridge you? And my mum will say, ”Eh, na anapenda sana kuuza!” These are the same people who asked me to defer my second year because I was pregnant and then came to my graduation party smiling saying they are happy for me! I call that bullshit and toxicity! Others were happy they did not have a degree but had made it big in life… unlike me. Just so you know, imma get myself a masters and a doctorate just for personal fulfillment. Some said they were happy they performed poorly in KCSE and they were doing better than me. I mean?! Oh Come on! Really?! Is it my fault that you did not have good grades? Is it my fault that I have smart genes? Anyways, I will not apologize for that. If you feel people did you wrong by passing their KCSE, ask KNEC for a re-sit and show us! Show unto us how you are a performer now because you are ahead in life! PS: I am not bitter nor cocky. I do not hold grudges but I remember your actions. I am well aware that A students work for C or even D students or the reverse. But rubbing it on people’s faces… nope! I am a work in progress and I will take that to the bank! Good thing I am stubborn and my courage always rises at every attempt by people to intimidate me. My father taught me well. He taught me to be strong when people use what I have against me. (Inbox me for these tips) I have 10 people who are actively engaged in my well-being and that is enough for me. More than enough because over the past year I have re-written my list of friends. (I shortened it) Now that I have learned the hard way, I am more intentional about my relationships. I know who to check up on. I know whose calls I will return and those I won’t. I know that I have to stop watering dead relationships or those that awaken when I can afford things. I know the relationships that are for keeps! Now let me adjust my crown and gear up for June!

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