No to Pity Parties!
It is with deep sorrow I announce the death of my old self. Why this brings me sadness is because I realized I have been holding pity parties for myself. Such big parties that a DJ and twerking were in play. No wonder it took so long for me to realize this. I had fun while at it. Playing victim was also part of the pity partying. Most times thinking ‘Naonewa’ ‘Why Only Me?’ ‘Can’t anybody Get Me?’ It will always me being the victim that I conditioned my mind that I was weak. So I have said no to pity parties. The rebirth of me is here and the new me is a badass who does not kiss ass. In whichever way you judge me I will say to each their own. I have new mantras and affirmations that I repeat to myself every morning but my number one is ‘DO YOU AND THE REST OF THE PEOPLE WILL FOLLOW’ Don’t you ever get tired of compromising because you do not want to look bad, or lose friends or be the moron of the day? How often do we do something we do not want just to keep the flow going? At times you even do these things till they feel like second skin. The bad thing about self-pity is that it eats you up slowly like a cancer and by the time you realize it you are so deep down you cannot appreciate even the very breathe that comes from your inside. You always think that you do not deserve it and that death is a perfect reprieve for all the bad things you have ever done. So if you are done with pity parties and feeling like a loser, join me in this new world. As I had said in a previous post, I cannot have it all and I am far from perfect. So we can be in this journey together even though it is a steep one with many setbacks but sisi ni akina nani? We are conquerors.

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