Lipstick and Affirmations

I bought lipstick recently; three slightly-similar shades, and I love them. Ask me the shade color or number and I won't tell because I don't know. 🤣🤣

Anyway, I have always known that wearing lipstick gives me a confidence boost. I don't even care how this surgical mask I wear covers it but deep down it makes me feel unstoppable and like I could conquer the world with my pinky finger.

So this got me thinking of how the little things matter...

Things like daily affirmations. Telling yourself that you are strong and capable every morning even if your heart is ready to testify against you in a court of law.

Dressing nicely and having your better half say, 'Dang! baby you're looking fineee! ' or a splash of that perfume that makes you change your walking style; give you a spring in your step.

Giving yourself a tap on the back as you look compare your past and present. You have come so far, yet back then it seemed impossible.

Celebrating the small wins like your baby coming home from school and narrating how she punched the bully in his face. Or seeing or hearing from your family on a daily basis.

People who take these small things for granted also say that they don't matter but they do. I am an affirmation person, I live for them. You should see me on Pinterest in the morning and evening stuffing affirmations in my head. It is necessary that you remind yourself daily of how amazing you are.

Two weeks ago my mum saw my phone wallpapers. They are all about affirmations *see images below* and she asked me what purpose they served. "Why not flowers or cartoons or your kids?"

I told her that they were for those days when nobody is there for you besides you. Those days when your soul is old and withered and longing for companionship. Those kind of days when you have no strength left to smile. Those days when it hurts and you badly want it to end but it won't. Those days when you second guess your abilities and potential. Those days when you are your only cheerleader.

"Often we are strong for others; offering advice and emotional support but when it's your turn to be weak who is there? What if you do not want to share? What if your partner is not available to cheer you on? What if none of your friends care? To put it succinctly, you cannot fill from an empty cup nor get any help, so you've only got you," I added.

She loved that explanation and requested that I set them up for her on her phone. I love that we now share something I never thought possible. Mums are supposed to be metahumans and not vulnerable! Small things, simple words and deeds make the difference.

Always fight for yourself because you matter.

It's the lipstick and affirmations for me. Oh, and that lipstick might not be won once masks are off because I get super conscious of myself. And yes, I know I look good in lipstick.

#MentalHealthAwareness #CheckYourMentalHealth #CheckOnYourFriends #ItsOkNotToBeOkay

2 thoughts on “Lipstick and Affirmations

  1. Oh Benu,this is such a great read. Affirmations work a great deal in someone’s life, I do that too.
    I speak them on my son too.
    I’m glad you are taking this step to write what is in your heart. Let’s heal and heal others.

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