Life Is For The Living Not The Surviving

This week I read a story about a man who died in the office after having a seizure. Feels like an accidental seizure but he was sick for two days. His employer said he is lying on day one, so he came to work the second day feeling worse just to prove he was sick.

And then he died leaving behind his wife and kid. That employer already has someone to replace him. But that kid ain't got a spare daddy set elsewhere in case the original daddy dies.

This got me thinking of things we have let control our lives. Like jobs, sure you need the money but must it get to the point of death? You would think the boss will be remorseful but their business/company has to go on.

We are usually reminded not to love our jobs above all else. If you are sick, seek medical attention ASAP. Don't mind that boss who says ukikosa kuja usikuje tena. There is more to life than a job. Is that office where they produce your oxygen? That without it you cannot breathe? My friend, leave and go rest and get better. Don't die trying to impress a boss who doesn't care about you or your health.

Another thing, society. Maze! Society is always waiting for you like prey does its dinner. Whether you do good or bad it will be there ready. Ati you will not leave an abusive partner? Or quit your job to take a sabbatical leave. Or have no children or 12 children with this economy. That you will not succeed in your career lest they say you slept your way up the corporate ladder?

This society will speak so do whatever the fuck you want. However exercise caution, don't go hurting others because you are doing your stuff. Be mindful of people...

Number three fear. You are afraid of what if's. Nothing amazing ever came out of 'what if'. Try it then say 'Weee' when people ask. Heck! Be dramatic about it even when people ask for the results.

Number four, people's actions towards you. Between 2019 and early 2020 it dawned on me pretty well that people's actions can leave you unnecessarily bitter. Proverbs 4:13 "Above all else guard your heart, for it is from it that all things flow."

What goes in must come out. That bitterness you take will come out.

There are things you can control and others which you can't. Pick your list wisely. Laugh at people's ill intentions towards you. By all means, show them they cannot pull you down. Amplify your power by showing them in their faces.

Life is for the living not the surviving. Don't survive your life for others to live it. Take back control, live and laugh with those closest to you.

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