Lessons: Do You Have A Butt Wiper?

9 months ago I started writing this post. It was when Bikozulu was celebrating 10 years of blogging. He clearly showed how 10 years is a short time yet so much happens, some you cannot even explain. 10 years ago I was finding myself. No! I was starting to discover myself. I wanted to be a doctor then God was just looking at me saying "Girl rest your ass! You are doing communication and hakuna kitu utafanya." To date I have never understood why.

So what lessons have I accumulated so far:

1. Keep your circle small. These people you call 'friends' will only be there when you meet their needs.

2. Keep the most important people in your life, you just never know what adulting life will deal you.

3. Never EVER take a loan to start a business. 😂😂 The heartbreak is so painful it makes you laugh.

4. Never trust mutual friends who sleep with each other and they are not husband and wife. Watakumaliza nanii!

5. You need your mother more as you get older. Life's a bitch as an adult.

6. 98% of the people in your life can't wait to see you fail. They just don't say it loud but when you fail they say "Nilijua tu."

7. Watch your pride!

8. Save! Save! Save! Rainy days always come.

9. Follow your heart and listen to your instincts.

10. Reading is food for the soul and keeps your brain in check.

11. Children are the greatest thing to ever happen and they teach you a thing or two. Be open minded.

12. Always celebrate important dates.

13. Never let anyone disrespect you because they know you are desperate and need their help.

14. Leave the table if love is no longer being served.

15. God has got your back always. Just trust in Him for a better tomorrow.

16. Take a break when it is no longer aligning to the peace of your heart.

17. Love is overrated and under appreciated.

18. Marriage can make you go bonkers. Take it easy. A step at a time..

19. Do you have a butt wiper?

20. Work on your relationships and invest in the worthy ones. Hakuna kuforce issues.

21. That when people always try to remind you of when you were a failure and it gets to you, remind yourself "You gots this booboo."

22. Tell yourself " I love you" because you are your only cheerleader.

23. Hide your moves, plans, route and anything important. Shtua watu!

24. Some day all your tribulations will make sense. Smile and laugh at your confusion now.

25. Watch your mental health and talk to someone if the weight is too much. That someone should be one you trust.

I turned 30 the other day, mahn! I feel old but two things: God has been first in my all and I am sure I stepped into the most successful decade of my life.

Pick a lesson or two and add your own in the comments section.

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