I’m a Heroine Not a Victim
About two weeks ago I turned an year older and I am grateful. I am a believer of learning lessons daily so on this post I will highlight the lessons I have learnt in the past year. It has been one year full of tears, laughter, pain and joy but I have survived thus gotten stronger. Be an adorable sassy badass: Every day is a struggle and no one thinks you can make it, even yourself. But in everything I do I have learnt that I do it with all the sass and feistiness I can sum up Angels do not live in hell: The way life is stressing I need to make sure I surround myself with good things and people. Be it a smile or laughter. I have to make my little heaven here on earth. Be ready to sacrifice comfort: I was worried about my TV watching habits and every time I would procrastinate when to stop watching too much TV. Then thieves came and stole my TV and I was saved from eternal damnation. Kick ass, don’t kiss it: This one is self-explanatory so I will leave you to interpret it how you wish. I got my own back: people will always fail you, even those close to you, those you though are your ride or die will just walk away whistling when shit hits the ceiling. I have learnt to have my own back and always woman up. The quote “Above all be a heroine of your life, not a victim” is my favorite when it comes to having my own back.
Pray as if it’s up to God and work as if it’s up to you: Whenever I pray I use all the languages I know because I know He listens. I pray and work because I know God blesses the work of my hands and provided I am diligent, He will never let me sleep hungry. Birds sing every morning and God rewards them with daily food, who am I not to receive the same grace? Do not rehabilitate badly raised people: Kwanza these ones are many. The mama’s boys, daddy’s girls, rude boys, brats and name them all. I have learnt to call them out on their behavior because if you don’t watakujenga nyumba na wakupande sukuma wiki kwa kichwa. Opinions do not pay my bills: I recently started another side hustle and the opinions people give are so many. If I choose to give up my bills will not be paid. Someone will ask unajua kufanya hii kazi ama uachane nayo ufanye ingine? Na ata hii kazi yako si safi tutaenda place ingine. If I listened to such people I would be a beggar in the streets. Push harder than yesterday: Mornings are usually a second chance, to be bigger and better than you were yesterday, so I take my new days seriously and strive to add an ounce of energy more towards my goals. Sit back, listen and observe:  I had this habit of reacting to everything thrown at me and it cost me big time because most of the times I was jumping into conclusions like it were a career. So I learnt to sit and listen and observe before reacting. It has helped me know the battles to fight and those to keep off of. A great attitude begets a great day: Someone will see the sunrise and say ‘today will be such a long hot day and I will be bored to death by this heat’ another will say ‘the sun makes me so mellow. This day is blessed’ how I view my day is how my day goes. As simple as that. I hope this new year grants me the chance to learn more. A lesson a day keeps karma away. I have grown from things meant to break me. I get stronger by the day and I have God to thank. And I hope to grow in more ways than I ever imagined and I hope to not forget birthdays and to call the people who matter frequently. I do not have to get it perfect, I just have to keep going. On a light note: My second born: Mami wewe ulizaliwa wapi? Me: mimi? Her: eh Me: Pumwani Her: Pumanwi Her to a random stranger: Unajua mamangu alizaliwa punani Me:  -_-

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