How Do You Treat Yourself?

Think about it...
When love is not being served at all, where do you edge towards?

Towards that person that shows an drop of affection?
Towards the person that hugs you daily but threatens to slit your throat if you do not do as they say?

Towards the person who puts a plate of food infront of you?
Towards the one who appreciates one thing about you? It could be your beauty or your masculinity or something minuscule like your handwriting.

Towards the manipulative abuser who knows even if you tell, nobody will care leave alone believe you?
Towards the fifty fifty soul, today they care tomorrow they don't?
Towards the better devil between two?

My school of thought: You are entertaining the wrong crowd.
Most people, while growing up, were not taught how to love themselves. how self-love is the most important thing in your life. How it is a necessity not a luxury.

For example, it was all about working hard so your parents are proud of you, pursuing degrees they wanted, marrying spouses they admired etc all in the name of excelling and doing everything right to please them. What about what you wanted?

It was always about the people who were supposed to love you in your life, your parents and siblings. And you wonder why it is hard for you to love toxic family members from a distance?!

Because you haven't loved yourself enough, you accept anything thrown at you. No boundaries set and no saying NO. You have taught people how to treat you by showing them what you will and won't accept. To be honest I have been a victim of this and it sucks but with self-love, life is good. 🎉

I am a believer that self-love is the key to ultimate health; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can also be worked on like a project. That love you keep giving to everyone else, you deserve it.   Try it on yourself sometime and see the magic happpen. Be selfish and smother yourself with self-love.

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into place."

People treat you how they see you treating yourself. How do you treat yourself?

Happy Sunday my people! 🤞💖

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