Hooded-masked Plus-size Dancer
Let us all pause for a moment and allow me to narrate to you of the time when I badly wanted to be a John De’Mathew (May his soul keep Resting In Peace) dancer. Back in primary school, his then video vixens were goals (for me anyways). What other career was there for me? Twisting my waist in a circular way and earning money. Talk of misplaced priorities. I even practiced religiously with those VCDs my dad brought home and I was a good dancer.
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Young me putting my skills to good use
Why was this a career option for me? Because I hated reading or studying and bad grades for me were not allowed by my dad. The point was to practice in secret then finally when I make it big as a secular music video vixen without books I would prove a point. Young me would even envision myself having people applaud me as I walk because of my dancing skills. I could even see people gather in a neighbor’s house (one who had a VCD player) to watch the late John De’Mathew’s album. Not because of his good music but because of my dancing skills. Let me tell you… I read and I never became a dancer because my dad said “Mtu akianguka exam ni maisha yake si yangu.” And I though to myself, “What if i fail my exams and become very unsuccessful? Nitalilia nani?“. So, I paused my wanna-be dancer career and read myself some books. But me and music became inseparable. To date, good music settles my disquieted soul. PS: Anyone looking for a hooded-masked plus-size female dancer niko hapa. My hours of practice should not go to waste. 😂😂😂

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