Are You Ready For Blessings?

This one will be short. It is a reflection of thoughts I have before I sleep or right before I wake up. Sometimes these thoughts may be profound or silly but this one was profound...

So here I am trying to sleep and boom, this thought comes to mind "We are never ready for our blessings." Before affirmationists come out with guns blazing to hit me with the "Ebu remove me from that 'we'. I am always ready." vibe, read on first.

If someone asks you the exact thing you want in life, what would be your answer? A car, home, and growing wealth would be a few examples. But this is not specific. You do not know which type of car you want? What colour should it be? Two of my close friends want a Ford Ranger Wildtrak in burnt orange color. On the other hand, I just want a car that is not white or yellow 😞 😞

You said you want your own house to turn into a home but is it a bungalow or mansionette or mansion? You probably want a piece of land and then build you own version of a home but you are not even sure because you just want a house. What about the location?

So I thought maybe the reason why blessings keep passing you is that you are unsure. God has placed people (blessors) in your life strategically to help you achieve those dreams but your dreams are unintelligible. These people now have to think for you and most times they bring what you did not ask for.

Case in point; the other day as we walked to the supermarket, a soldier (watchman) asked my husband to bring him something to drink. When asked what that something was he stuttered then said "Milk or something like soda." Once we get there it's a bit confusing. What should we get him? It's morning, milk will be nice, and if he wants soda what flavor of soda should we pick?

Back to the point of someone being put in your life to bless you. The soldier knew he wanted something to eat and drink. If he had said soda and bread it would have been easy. We eventually bought bread and milk but what if it is not what he wanted?

You could also refer to the Israelites when they continually cried to God to let them out of Egypt and when He did they took 40 years to get there because they were busying doing other stuff. They just wanted out but did not know what the out would be then continually complained that they were in the wilderness. Like someone buying you a yellow car and you constantly complaining because yellow does not bring out the color of your eyes.

But did you say the color of the car you want or you just said 'a car'?

Once you want something be specific about it. Bore people with the details of your needs and let them think you are crazy. God is listening and your blesser is too. And I think that is where we all go wrong. I included. I should be group admin, eh?

Ask me the car I want. I know I want the latest design but sijui ni gari gani. As for the house I just know I want it big with big windows and a big master bedroom 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

I am slowly learning to be specific with details about what I want. I have more than 20 things that I want right now but they are non-detailed.

So to all of us in my Whatsapp group, let us make it easy for the person God has sent in our lives to bless us.

Don't confuse your blessor!

Have a lovely Sunday.

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