Appreciate The Little Things & Wins

When you have been in a position of lack, then nothing good feels like it should belong to you. 


When life has been dealing you non-juicy lemons, juicy oranges feel like a dream.


When life has dragged you down till your back is curved due to burdens, then standing up feels like a true blessing.


While the past year was a hard one, I took time off to appreciate the little things and little wins.


Honestly, 2019 was my worst year. 2020 did not get to half of what 2019 was for me. I lost so much in 2019 and I did not think I would make it alive into 2020.


But here I am in 2021 looking like a million bucks 😊; perhaps a bit unsatisfied but I am very motivated that it will turn out okay.


I have so many things to be thankful for. and funny thing, I realized the red flags of my past relationships now! Crazy, right? I am such a late bloomer manze! 10 years later!! For shame!! 😏😏😏


I have been able to go beyond the “What will people say about me?” mentality. If you are interested in my life so much, call me and I will give you all the info you need. If what I do affects you so much, call me too. I will say some reassuring words {because I am a nice girl 😁😁} though I will be…

This year I turn 30 and I am so excited because while my mid-20’s sins are catching up with me {which is okay for self-discovery},


I have learnt a lot. Not the cliché ‘learnt a lot’, but cha ukweli I have learned. Those lessons I will share in my blog later on but for now, let’s get done with January.


One major lesson: DO it alone! DO it broke! DO it tired! DO it scared! Just DO that shit! Until next time 👀

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