Accepting Hard Truths
The truth is something we are all afraid of sometimes. You want to live in a lie so much that you do not face your fiercest of demons. you lie to yourself too much it becomes a false truth. But there comes a time when accepting the truth actually does you good. You are mean and that is why people treat you with the same cold intensity you offer. You allow people to step on you, so stop crying foul. Sometimes bad things happen to good people because good people let them happen. So I will accept my truths and ease the pains in my heart. I will embrace my truths because in those truths I find myself. I will accept the painful and hard truth because only then can I really start living the life that I want and was meant to live. I know that I am strong and I do not need anyone to help me. And I also know that I cannot always handle everything on my own. I will need help sometimes. I talk a lot because it is a way to radiate the intensity of the fights within my soul. There will be days I will be quiet you’d think I’m sick. On those days I can still be overthinking and over analyzing even the most minute details. Today I want to accept my truths and then disappear into my cocoon because life is yet to strike me the shadiest of deals and while I know I will survive this, I just need a moment of alone. A moment to think out the worst-case scenarios and cry hard over them. A moment to allow myself to be the weak one. A moment to accept all those truths and face them head on. When reality sets, you’re reminded who is boss and that you have a long way to go. But then in all this you will, somehow, always find the strength within you to be better and to handle all that shit the best way you know how to.

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