Sincerely Lisah

Today my heart is warm. See me doing a late night post because, one, I feel bad for not doing a weekend post amd two, because I can. 🤞🤪

This is a shout out to my day ones. The ones who have been with me through it all. When shit hit the fan and when things went according to plan.

I want to say this "I couldn't have done this without you." but I hate cliches. Seriously though, you guys have been awesome.

The way life has been hitting me left, right and centre like the adult punching bag I am, you have helped soften the blows.

Your prayers have been getting to heaven and they have been answered.

It did not need to be financial support, but being someone who listens was enough for me. It still is. Money we can mshwari, Branch, Tala or do shylocks

For the days when you reminded me of how awesome I am, thank you.

For the days when you did impromptu visits, thank you.

For the endless phone conversations filled with mucene and loud laughter, thank you.

For the uplifting conversations we have had, thank you.

For sharing in my pain and joys, thank you.

I would wish to mention your names here but si mnajua watu nao ni kusema sema? If you are part of my day one, high five or cheers to that. I know you know yourself.

Nawapenda bure!

For the rest of us, appreciate your day ones. Remember the last post I asked if you have a butt wiper? To wipe your ass and wash your bed sores? Think hard again and see if you have one. I know I have a few and I am proudly their butt wiper too.

Sincerely, Lisah

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