Weight, Wheat & No Tears
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I have been in so many weightloss journey whatsapp groups that I even lost count. So while I struggled with weightloss, others were asking for ways to gain weight because 65 kgs was not what their dream body weight looked… Read the rest
And I Thought I Could Have It All
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Iused to think that I could have it all as a woman. As a little girl I always told myself that I would be a super woman when I grew up and went by the mantra ‘What a man can … Read the rest

Mixed Berry Feelings
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We met when she was only 12. She was the kind that you could not ignore. She had those eyes that were so huge yet so pretty. She was well-mannered and almost bowed when she was greeting you. When she… Read the rest
When Death Was Not Busy
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I was going through my stuff recently and I came across something I had written in 2010 when I was barely three months pregnant with my first born. Everyday I was scared that I would die during childbirth and leave… Read the rest
She Should be 8
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Juzi tu she was in my tummy and now i cannot wait for her to start school. You know she meant business from the day she was implanted in my womb. She had me confused from day one. There I… Read the rest
Of Women Who Rush
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After what the company deemed a successful project, we were given lunch as a token of appreciation for the hard work we put in towards the project, kumbe that lunch was loosely done and my bowel movements went lose. So … Read the rest