Are You Ready For Blessings?
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This one will be short. It is a reflection of thoughts I have before I sleep or right before I wake up. Sometimes these thoughts may be profound or silly but this one was profound...

So here I am trying … Read the rest

Lipstick and Affirmations
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I bought lipstick recently; three slightly-similar shades, and I love them. Ask me the shade color or number and I won't tell because I don't know. 🤣🤣

Anyway, I have always known that wearing lipstick gives me a confidence boost. … Read the rest

Appreciate The Little Things & Wins
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When you have been in a position of lack, then nothing good feels like it should belong to you. 


When life has been dealing you non-juicy lemons, juicy oranges feel like a dream.


When life has dragged you

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Accepting Hard Truths
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The truth is something we are all afraid of sometimes. You want to live in a lie so much that you do not face your fiercest of demons. you lie to yourself too much it becomes a false truth. But… Read the rest
Hooded-masked Plus-size Dancer
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Let us all pause for a moment and allow me to narrate to you of the time when I badly wanted to be a John De’Mathew (May his soul keep Resting In Peace) dancer. Back in primary school, his then… Read the rest
My 4 years were lit 🔥!
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Someone once asked me why I have few friends. “I don’t know. It’s just me,” I said. But who do you tell your stuff when all hell has broken loose? I WRITE. I love paper; reading it or writing on… Read the rest
PS: I am not bitter nor cocky
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When I was unemployed: few people checked up on me and most people ignored me. Some who checked on me did so to confirm that I was still doing pathetic. I have cooked chapos by the roadside, cooked mandazi and… Read the rest
No to Pity Parties!
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It is with deep sorrow I announce the death of my old self. Why this brings me sadness is because I realized I have been holding pity parties for myself. Such big parties that a DJ and twerking were in… Read the rest
I’m a Heroine Not a Victim
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About two weeks ago I turned an year older and I am grateful. I am a believer of learning lessons daily so on this post I will highlight the lessons I have learnt in the past year. It has been… Read the rest
I am a Kept Woman
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This week has been a weird week; I have been meeting weird men with weird behaviors. And I feel that men will be the topic of this week. So I am sitting there in my business premises and this man… Read the rest