The Cycle of Damaged Goods
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Two things: We often hear people say 'Mwili ni maua' and until we've lived it we cannot understand. For the past months I have been unwell. I have recorded several posts but been unable to transcribe. I should podcast instead, … Read the rest

How Do You Treat Yourself?
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Think about it...
When love is not being served at all, where do you edge towards?

Towards that person that shows an drop of affection?
Towards the person that hugs you daily but threatens to slit your throat if you … Read the rest

Sincerely Lisah
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Today my heart is warm. See me doing a late night post because, one, I feel bad for not doing a weekend post amd two, because I can. ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคช

This is a shout out to my day ones. The ones … Read the rest

Lessons: Do You Have A Butt Wiper?
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9 months ago I started writing this post. It was when Bikozulu was celebrating 10 years of blogging. He clearly showed how 10 years is a short time yet so much happens, some you cannot even explain. 10 years ago … Read the rest

Mkate tu!ย ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
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I have always had a funny relationship with bread: I think I want to call this relationship toxic. At one point, we (bread and I) come out hurt then we reconcile and it is a vicious cycle once again.

Today … Read the rest

Keep Your Sanity. Watch Yourself!
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Feeling like half of my world is falling apart

And as it disintegrates, it hurts so painfully yet slowly

I ask myself a myriad of questions

However only one seems to stick out. "What the actual heck!"

I have come … Read the rest

A Toast To Adulting
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I took a trip down memory lane today. Of the person I was before I became who I am. It's been a journey of trials and errors, love, hate and indifference, being and not being, misfortune after luck, success after … Read the rest

Life Is For The Living Not The Surviving
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This week I read a story about a man who died in the office after having a seizure. Feels like an accidental seizure but he was sick for two days. His employer said he is lying on day one, so … Read the rest

God Kept You For Me Dad
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The day my dad fell sick I felt nothing. Same for when he was admitted to hospital. But the day I trully felt something was the day he moved from HDU to ICU like you would move from you bedroom … Read the rest

Like A Hangmanโ€™s Noose
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If you were to count the number of mistakes you have made since you were 13 how many would they be? Now let us narrow it down to grave mistakes, how many do you have? Mine are 3 or 4

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