July 2021
Keep Your Sanity. Watch Yourself!
By Lisah | | 0 Comments |

Feeling like half of my world is falling apart

And as it disintegrates, it hurts so painfully yet slowly

I ask myself a myriad of questions

However only one seems to stick out. "What the actual heck!"

I have come … Read the rest

Nobody Has To Know
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Growing up we were taught that respecting your elders assured you of heaven. On that day when you beckoned, I obeyed. I was about 5 and you assured me it was fun. Introduced me to what I later came to … Read the rest

A Toast To Adulting
By Lisah | | 5 Comments |

I took a trip down memory lane today. Of the person I was before I became who I am. It's been a journey of trials and errors, love, hate and indifference, being and not being, misfortune after luck, success after … Read the rest