June 2021
Life Is For The Living Not The Surviving
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This week I read a story about a man who died in the office after having a seizure. Feels like an accidental seizure but he was sick for two days. His employer said he is lying on day one, so … Read the rest

God Kept You For Me Dad
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The day my dad fell sick I felt nothing. Same for when he was admitted to hospital. But the day I trully felt something was the day he moved from HDU to ICU like you would move from you bedroom … Read the rest

Like A Hangman’s Noose
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If you were to count the number of mistakes you have made since you were 13 how many would they be? Now let us narrow it down to grave mistakes, how many do you have? Mine are 3 or 4

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Your Wicked Side Is My Drug
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How do I say this?

That I still think about those days. Those days when the love I had for you threatened to take away what I value most: life. Those days when you could not handle that I could … Read the rest